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So, you want to be a web developer or software engineer!? 

You can do it, with no formal education at all.  Don’t believe me?  Well, there are hundreds if not thousands of individuals learning to code on sites like freeCodeCamp or Udemy.  I was one of them and turned a year and a half of evenings and weekend studying into a career in web development.

So, how did I do it? Patience, a desire to be successful, and the purchasing of far too many Udemy courses.  They’re on sale all the time for $14.99! How can I resist!  There are a lot of garbage courses there but there are also some gems.

Now, I knew getting a remote junior developer role would be difficult, so I analyzed local job postings that weren’t senior positions and built my skills and resume around what I noticed on these postings.

With that information, I started looking for Udemy courses that taught the skills I needed to get a job.

Here is the list of courses that really helped me and I recommend to this day:

Again, I have purchased an embarrassing amount of Udemy courses but these three courses are the ones I recommend the most and stand by their authors.  I’m a big fan of Andrei’s and he has a number of courses and the content quality is fantastic.  He has launched his own learning platform at, so go check him out.
After taking these courses you will have lots of ideas, a portfolio of projects, and hopefully a lot of GitHub activity, now is when I would start applying to jobs and companies I’m interested in.  I think I got lucky but once I started applying I started getting interviews pretty quickly, which was an indication that I was on the right track.
So, I started learning to code in roughly December 2017 and got my first developer job doing React in April 2019.  This may seem like a long time but the time was well spent and if you really want to be a developer, you can do it.  You can also do it a lot quicker if you have more spare time or do not have a one-year-old child at home as I did! haha
If you want to be a developer, DO IT.  I believe in you, so believe in yourself!

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