Welcome to Devcareers.io!

We are so excited to launch this software developer and engineer career platform and share it with the community.  A lot of time and thought has gone into providing a platform that is unlike anything we can find, specifically built for software developers and engineers.

You, the developer, engineer, or even code newbie are who this site was built for.  And not just the careers listed on the job board but as much thought, if not more, has gone into what I was looking for when I first entered the field as a newbie web developer.  I found plenty of jobs on the generic Indeeds or LinkedIns of the world and even more on job boards that partially catered to developers like the awesome RemoteOk.io.  What these sites lacked was a community built around them to help us along the way and not just listing jobs.

There are also plenty of amazing developer communities out there like FreeCodeCamp.org too but again, I dreamt of a place that included everything I would want when looking for a career as a developer.  Things like forums, active blogs, learning resources, and of course job listings for me to find my dream gig.  Those ideas are what I built devcareers.io around.

Devcareers.io is launching with a dedicated forum, a blog providing career resources, tips, and tricks, and a learning area with resources curated by developers for developers.  Oh and a job board with thousands of jobs already at launch too.

We really hope this is the career platform you have been looking for as well and we will keep improving it for you.

Please let us know what you think!

All the best,


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