Play a part in the next revolution in human-computer interaction. Create groundbreaking technology for artificial intelligence. Transform the way people find their favorite movies and TV shows, watch sports, listen to music, interact with their smart home and much more. Work with the people who created the intelligent assistant that helps millions of people get things done just by asking! Join the Siri team at Apple. The Engineering Efficiency team is looking for exceptional leaders who are excited about building a team to operate and automate the delivery of new experiences on Siri.
We are working to take the release of Siri server and machine learning models to the next level (think Siri). We dont have all of the answers on how to do that yet, perhaps you do? We are exploring, measuring and trying new things. We are responsible for running release management and deploying all of the server code and machine learning models for Siri that affect 1 billion+ customers. This isnt just a theoretical exercise. We wont be satisfied with anything less than outstanding. If you are excited about the challenges of making development and releases more efficient while every part of the system is advancing, come help us solve these problems and be part of improving engineering efficiency across the Siri and AIML organization!
In this role, you will lead a distributed team playing a part in ensuring the quality and delivery of groundbreaking technology for large scale systems, natural language, big data, and artificial intelligence to end users. You will be leading conversations with various multi-functional teams of engineering and project management. You will lead them to identify issues, root cause, fix and prevent build and infrastructure failures, ensure frictionless delivery of features and make lives of our AIML organization better.

You will be tasked with streamlining build and deployment processes for many interdependent projects and machine learning models. You will be a part of a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities, collaborating with server engineers and data scientists. You will help design CI systems to optimize the build, test, and deployment cycle times for various projects. This is not a team of strict software engineers but it requires a good engineering background. Your team will be split across Build/CI (50%), DevOps (40%) and Automation (10%).

Your strategic goals will be to build a team that automates operational tasks to that are required to run the CI pipeline for ML models and server code, to define new processes that fill process and technology gaps that you and your team identify. You will start by learning to use the tools to pre-validate build-time issues, get a deep knowledge of Apple internal tools and processes. In the next year, you will have built a solid foundation and team that defines the processes and ensures the successful operations of a CI solution that has improved Siri engineers experience.

Tagged as: API, Big Data, C#, design, Dev, DevOps, Go, Less, test, UI


Job Overview
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